Recent Activities

Computer Voice Technology

Strategica, management and other shareholders successfully sold their shares in MacSpeech through a sale/merger with Nuance Communications, Inc. Strategica's ownership and advisory relationship with MacSpeech dated from 1999, during which time MacSpeech held a license to develop voice products for Apple computers, raised various rounds of equity and debt financing, expanded product offerings and eventually merged with the PC voice market leader.

Litigation Management

Two principals of Strategica substantially completed the management of complex litigation against the United States government, recovered in excess of $30 million and liquidated entities through a court supervised bankruptcy process. The case was eventually appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and then faced a myriad of issues in liquidation. Management included value maximization strategies, supervision of counsel, financing and liquidation management.

Home Health Care

Strategica advised a Florida home health care provider on financing and operational rationalizations, resulting in a transition to sustainable profitability.

Alternative Energy

Strategica advised a major electrical contractor in its efforts to diversify into solar energy operations. Strategica is currently evaluating several alternative energy opportunities throughout the US.

Aviation Parts

Strategica acquired an interest in and advised an aviation parts firm in financing and expansion into disassembly and manufacturing sectors.

Medical Laboratory

Strategica acquired an interest in Nationwide Laboratory Services. Nationwide is the nation's largest independent, non-aligned, specialty laboratory in the dialysis industry and provides a full array of medical laboratory services. Nationwide has invested considerable resources into building a medical lab facility, has codeveloped highly specialized equipment with major market leaders for quality and cost effective diagnostic testing. In this pursuit, Nationwide has developed medical lab technology, information systems, compliance systems and management which it intends to bring to bear on related opportunities.

Real Estate

-Strategica affiliates acquired an interest in Investitle, a full service title agency.

-Strategica acted as agent for a $31 million acquisition and development financing of a 350 room hotel sited in Napa Valley, California.

-Strategica advised in securing and closing a $36 million first mortgage and a $4 million mezz financing in connection with property located in Palm Beach Lakes, Florida.

International Gaming

Strategica has partnered with a major operator of Andean Pact region gaming facilities. Strategica and its associates intend to expand such gaming operations, introduce additional gaming services, improve operations/controls and consider accessing the capital markets in order to fund the current demand for new properties.

A Strategica affiliate owns and operates gaming facilities in South America. The operations include slot machine and other popular gaming formats.

NY Laundry

Strategica successfully secured and closed a $28 million acquisition financing in which it represented the purchasers of New York Laundry, a major fashion apparel firm.


Strategica and management successfully liquified, through sale to other existing shareholders, their ownership in tel(x). tel(x) is an internationally recognized, premier operator of telecom "meet-me" network interconnection facilities and other forms of voice/data switching services, hosting/colocation services and ancillary communication/data services. More than 250 networks physically converge within tel(x)'s New York City facility, and more than 100 networks physically converge within its Atlanta facility. Often described as a "marketplace" for network services, tel(x) actively promotes, encourages, and facilitates telecom business opportunities between and among its carrier and enterprise customers. tel(x) is a privately held company, headquartered in New York City. Strategica's relationship with tel(x) arose in 2002 and include advise and assistance with capital raising.